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About Angel Eyes Photography...

When you contact Angel Eyes Photography, you are contacting me, Hilda Burke. This is a one-woman show, people!

That’s one of the reasons I prefer that you contact me via email. I like to take the time to respond to you when I can give you my complete attention – as opposed to answering the phone while I’m in the midst of editing pictures or designing an album. If you email me, I promise to get back to you ASAP … and after I’ve had my first cup of coffee. (Trust me, it’s for the best.)

So…. you’ve come to the About Me page because I suppose you want to learn more “about me.”

The first thing you should know is that I hate talking about myself! I would much rather be behind the camera, focusing on YOU. But, I get it. If we’re going to be spending time together and I’m going to be pointing the lens at you, you should probably know something about me.

· I’m the woman behind the camera! I’m passionate about photography and capturing the real you. My goal is to take pictures that will take you back to those magical moments full of love, emotion, and excitement!

· I love weddings! Traditional church weddings, nerdy weddings, same-sex weddings, beach weddings…. I love them all! Nothing makes me happier than celebrating love. And I love making you look amazing on your big day!

· Handling wedding craziness is my superpower. I know how to handle your overbearing Aunt Gladys and your Uncle Bob who thinks he knows everything. I can even handle the drunk groomsmen. I can be firm and take charge when needed, and do it with a smile. But, I also know when to let the moments unfold naturally….and to capture them. Like I said, it’s a superpower.

· I make it FUN! I can get your most camera-shy bridesmaid to cut loose. I can even make the most awkward couples feel comfortable. It may be because I know what it’s like to be uncomfortable when people are looking at you. It could also be that my tendency towards colorful language sometimes creeps out when we least expect it. But it will make you laugh!

· I love animals. I have a dog and a cat (both rescues) that I love very much. I donate to local no-kill shelters. I’m the person who says hello to your dog when you walk down the street. I especially love shelter animals – and the people who adopt them. If you want to include your fur babies in your photos, it’s no problem! In fact, it would make me very happy.

· I love movies. Some of my favorites include, The Princess Bride, Some Like it Hot, and Pulp Fiction...I know pretty random, but that's me.

Although I’ve been called a workaholic, I do enjoy my down time. When I’m not working, I’m a social media junkie, but I also enjoy spending time with my family and my two BFFs – wine and Netflix.